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Strategies to Reduce Income Taxes in Retirement

Strategies to Reduce Income Taxes in Retirement A core philosophy at EntryPoint Wealth Management is to reduce our client’s income tax paid throughout their lifetimes. Advising clients on their tax situation is often considered a no-go subject in the financial industry. However, I feel the first step in providing quality advice to clients is understanding…


Quarterly EntryPoints: Q4 2023

Quarterly EntryPoints: Q4 2023 Hopefully you have enjoyed a great start to 2024 and are progressing on your journey to pursue your life goals and build wealth. Many of the themes we saw at the end of 2023 have continued into the new year. We plan to pay close attention to geopolitical concerns, The federal…


Buying a Home: Interest Rate Changes

Buying a Home: Interest Rate Changes In the past few months, I have been engaged by a handful of clients for help regarding a real estate transaction. The decision to sell a home and embark on a new chapter–especially during retirement–is a significant milestone with unique financial considerations.   Mortgage Interest Rates have dramatically increased…


Quarterly EntryPoints: Q3 2023

Quarterly EntryPoints: Q3 2023 With year-end fast approaching, now is a great time to review your investment portfolio, retirement goals, and assess year-end tax planning opportunities. Here are the 3 key points from Q3 that you need to know regarding investment markets so you can achieve more successful results in 2024. Point 1: The Magnificent…


Stories from ’23 Tax Season

Stories from ’23 Tax Season One of the wisest men in the history of our society said, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” And I will agree with Albert Einstein. Over my tenure advising clients, I have realized that there are few sources of actionable advice that help individuals…


3 Thoughts on Preparing for Retirement

3 Thoughts on Preparing for Retirement Retirement is what you make it. That said, the magnitude of planning for retirement is often underestimated. It requires you to reevaluate and adjust your outlook on life–both positively and sometimes negatively. Throughout my career as a financial advisor, I have helped thousands of clients transition from working into…


Benefits of a Quarterly Financial Planning Engagement

The Benefits of a Quarterly Financial Planning Engagement As I started my firm, one of the most important aspects for consideration was examining the client experience. I was able to consider questions such as How do I best serve the clients I work with, What is the best process for an advisor to examine every…

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It’s a Journey

“IT’S A JOURNEY” I have been working with Individuals my entire life related to their finances. Initially, it started a young boy working in the family tax office through the last 8 years as a successful Wealth Advisor for a major brokerage firm. I have worked with many people over the years from all economic…

Financial Planning Meeting

Ready to Get Started…​

Ready to Get Started Welcome to EntryPoint Hello there – I’m Chris Ward and I would like to thank you for taking the time to learn about my Wealth Management firm. I have spent my entire life working with individuals on their financial situations. (well, outside of working as a lifeguard during college summers) Early…